IFS Apprenticeship
IFS Apprenticeship

The resilience of the Financial Services sector has been one of the most positive aspects in the light of the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

This resilience ensured that all the IFS Apprentices were given 100% support by their employers to continue their roles remotely and complete their studies and professional apprenticeship roles for the remainder of the academic calendar and beyond.

We are very proud of the achievements of the IFS Associate Apprentice class of 2018/20 who won the Consortia Lead Generation Apprenticeship 2020 competition recently.

IFS Apprenticeships were also shortlisted for IITD Training Awards in the category Best not for profit Collaboration Partnership between FSI and our education providers the National College of Ireland. NCI delivered the two programmes virtually from March 2019 and the programmes will continue to be delivered virtually from January 2021 where apprentices will log in for live lectures and tutorials on the allocated date each week.

To date the outcomes from the first 2 class of IFS Apprenticeship class have been outstanding and have proven benefits for employers:

90% retention rate

80% promoted on completion of the programme

92% remain in the FS sector

75% continued employment with their hiring company

100% academic achievement.

What the employers are saying

“We’ve found that the apprenticeship programme has provided high calibre people who are really motivated to succeed. They are serious about a career in financial services and have been a great fit since they joined us.” – Triona O Healai, Amundi Asset Management

Although the impact of Covid 19 caused a delay in the recruitment of IFS Apprentices, we will have the largest number of apprentices commencing the academic programme in January 2021, with 6 new hiring companies participating. The IFS Apprenticeships is proving to be an excellent talent pipeline for employers with the excellent retention rates and the diversity of the apprentices.

We are very proud of the class of 2018/20 who graduated on 27 November with excellent results.

Check out the articles from Fidelity International’s Carmel Mitchell, Amundi Asset Managements, Triona O Healai and Ulster Banks Elaine Warren and Fergus Gaughran on how the apprenticeship programmes run and the benefits they have brought to their organisations.

We invite you to call us today to discuss how the IFS Apprenticeships can open new opportunities in your organisation. To access new talent and retain your existing employees in the future.

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